Firefox Version Problems

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Support for extensions using XUL/XPCOM or the Add-on SDK was removed in Firefox 57,
released November 2017.

Unfortunately, the Firefox version of FirstButton utilizes the XUL/XPCOM architecture for installing a button on the Toolbar.

Starting from Firefox 57, only extensions developed using WebExtensions APIs will be
supported on Desktop Firefox and Firefox for Android.

At this time, there is no plan to update the Firefox Extension.

Please feel free to fork the code from, if you wish to update the code.

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Arctic Vault

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Happy and proud to have the VB version of FirstButton code included in the Arctic Vault.

Available for legacy desktop versions of IE at:

  Github FirstButton

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2008 – A look back

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Since press releases live on forever, you may have seen the one at Press Release that we issued in 2008 during the Presidential Campaign.

At that time, FirstButton was written in Visual Basic 5 & 6 and only installed up to Internet Explorer version 7. The current version of FirstButton for IE is written in VB.NET and supports any version of IE that will run on Windows NT 4 through Windows 10. Alternative browser versions of FirstButton were not offered until 2010.

There is no plan to retrofit the 2008 campaign buttons, although volunteers are welcome to use the open source code we have on our github page at Github – Firstbutton if they feel compelled to bring them up to current code versions. Or, to create any projects of their own choosing. 🙂 will not be releasing new products since the Source Code has been made available to the Public.

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