Visual Basic code for Toolbar Button

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At the top of Internet Explorer, every user’s command bar/toolbar may have a unique arrangement of buttons, if the user has reordered or added buttons.

Example of Internet Explorer Command Bar:

The program will analyze the existing IE command bar, and then insert a button at the position that has been compiled into the code.
It is written in VB.NET and is backward-compatible with previous versions of Internet Explorer (IE 5.5 to IE 11).
After the browser has been restarted, the new command bar will appear.

Click on the links below for VB or Text versions of the main program module:

To change the values for the toolbar button, the destination URL, unique GUID, and desired toolbar position can be modified in the Private Sub tgt_inst_Load subroutine and then the code recompiled using Visual Studio 2010 or higher.

To download the complete project source code and documentation in Zip format click here:

To evaluate a sample installer for Windows, please click on the link below on a Windows machine:


Source Code for all projects can be found on github at:

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Website Shortcut Recommendations

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Our Shortcut Recommendations Document has just been updated.

This comprehensive checklist can help you decide what graphics files are needed to provide great-looking shortcuts for Android, iPhone, and legacy Website visitors.



For a quick reference of html browser lines to add, see this page.


To create all of the meta lines for your website at once, use our generator tool.

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Update – FirstButton 1.60 Released

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The FirstButton EXE source code has been modified to install to the Documents library as a first choice.
 This is to accomodate the unavailability of locked libraries such as the System folder.

 The sample download has been dual signed with SHA-1 and SHA-256 certificates.




Also available at our GitHub Page:


FirstButton will install a toolbar button on the legacy desktop Internet Explorer browser.


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